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Mongolian nomads show
One important part which tourists visiting Mongolia would like to see is Traditional living way of Mongolian nomads. We have commenced Mongolian nomads show in 2011 in order to create new and innovative show in the tourism sector of Mongolia. We have been offering travel through real Mongolian nomadic way of living and traditional custom and culture for the past period.

Feature of the show

“Mongolian nomads” show demonstrates traditional living way of real Mongolian nomads and breeding and using of five kinds of livestockand movement from one place to another using ox, yak, camel and horse carts which are the carts. Also Mongolian ger is made of by traditional making and all furniture pots and clothing are antiques reflecting the feature and manner of Central Khalks in the beginning of 20th century.
Mongolian nomadZagdaa’s familyresides here and they live on real traditional nomadic way of living. There is no vehicle, motorbike, TV, electricity and mobile phones. You can see from this family how Mongolian family lives on products of their five kinds of livestock in the steppe.  

Main content of the show
The show will be between 10.00 a.m-13.00p.m every day and follows following general content and image.

- Demonstration of everyday life of traditional Mongolian family and herders in real life.                                                                                                                           

- Making dairy products and offer tasting to the tourists.
- Real demonstration of the movement of Mongolian herder family by the carts including ox cart and camel freight.
- Real demonstration of milking yaks, fastening and milking sheep and goats and milking the mare.
- Making the felt and tanning
- Demonstration of national musical instrument and singing folk songs,
- Show with horses.